The Film “Fear” in Theaters Nationwide On Friday, January 27th

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Audiences are in for a scary and out of this world experience with the new Deon Taylor directed film Fear.

Actors Joseph Silora, Annie Ilonzeh, Ruby Modine and Andrew Bachelor

In this psychological horror film, a group of friends gather for a much-needed weekend getaway at a remote and historic hotel. Celebration turns into terror as one by one, each guest faces their own worst fear.

Actor, Joseph Sikora

The film stars Joseph Sikora, Andrew Bachelor, Anne Ilonzeh
Ruby Modine, Iddo Goldberg, Terrence Jenkins, Jessica Allain
, and Tip “T.I.” Harris.

Actress Annie Ilonzeh

The film is directed by Deon Taylor, who is known for films like, Black & Blue, The Intruder, Traffik, The House Next Door, and Meet The Blacks. Along with the cast is writer, John Ferry and the producers, Roxanne Avent Taylor and Omar Joseph.

Rapper/Actor Tip T.I. Harris

To get a idea of how the film came to be, here is a statement from the director, Taylor.

“3 years ago, I sat in my house wondering if I would have to watch someone in my family die from an unknown airborne disease. I lived in fear alongside the global population waiting for answers and an understanding of what was happening in this world.

A few months into the pandemic, I witnessed one of the most polarizing scenes of my life when a police officer knelt on a man’s neck for almost 11 minutes as he begged for mercy. My body filled with pain, anger, and more fear! I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. I needed to join the thousands of protesters and have my voice be heard but doing so meant that I would be confronted with two fears I knew could kill me…COVID-19 and/or marching for justice. Fear controlled me and I needed to make it stop!

Actress Ruby Modine

This became the pivotal moment where I decided fear would no longer dictate my life. Now was the time to move forward and end the constant battling in my mind. I was ready to get back to my passion…filmmaking and storytelling. My job as an artist is to capture the times that we live in and given the trials and tribulations of the previous months; I knew that Fear needed to be my next project.

Actor Andrew Bachelor

Fear was one of the first films in history to be shot during a global pandemic, which meant everything to me as it would either be the final chapter in my book or the beginning of my new life. The production and scheduling were a huge undertaking that required patience, learning, and lots of support. I was blessed to have an amazing cast and crew join me on this unpredictable adventure and thanks to proper protocols and guidelines, we successfully completed the film in 15 days (the scariest 15 days you could think of) with no outbreaks. Another fear was conquered!

Actor/ TV Host Terrence Jenkins

Today, I look at this movie and understand every element delivered on screen spoke to a moment in time that I allowed fear to control me. I’m so proud of what we made and can’t wait for audiences to see this movie. More importantly, I’m excited for everyone to receive the message the film delivers. Always remember, though it might be scary to face head on, you have the strength to overcome fear! — Deon Taylor

After viewing the movie, audience will be sure to agree with the director’s thoughts. Do yourself a favor, grab your friends, co-workers or family members to check out the movie. The film open January 27, 2023 and is currently in theaters.



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