Daphna Edwards Ziman Officially Launches Justice For Women/Every Girl’s City at Star-Studded VIP Event (Chaka Khan, Doug E. Fresh) in New York City on Sept. 23rd

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Daphna Edwards Ziman — Photo Credit: Antoine Debrill
Daphna Edwards Ziman andAaron Gomez — Photo Credit: Antoine Debrill
Chaka Khan — Photo Credit: Antoine Debrill
Doug E. Fresh — Photo Credit: Natalie Somekh
Daphna Edwards Ziman, Mohan Toramall, Beverly Todd, and Danelle Jenetayeva — Photo Credit: Antoine Debrill
Eugenia Kuzmina, Daphna Edwards Ziman and CJ Franco — Photo Credit: NatalieSomekh
Queen Diambi and Actress Beverly Todd — Photo Credit: Natalie Somekh
Fashion Icon Phillip Bloch — Photo Credit: Antoine DeBrill
Dr. Hans Keirstead — Photo Credit: Antoine DeBrill
Joseph Dunn, Daphna Edwards Ziman, Honorable Ambassador Crispin Gregoire and April Sutton — Photo Credit: Natalie Somekh



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Judith Davis

Judith Davis


A professional writer, content manager, and web producer who has worked for quite a few high profile brands. https://twitter.com/JudithD_NYCGirl