dfree® Financial Freedom Movement Creator, DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. Launches “In the Black” Holiday Campaign

In preparation for the busiest shopping day of the year, when retail outlets are expected to transition from being “in the red” to “in the black,” creator of the financial literacy program and curriculum dfree® , will promote a debt-free Black Friday. dfree®, a faith-based strategy that empowers consumers around financial freedom, is redefining the day as “In the Black Friday.”

As the only faith-based, wealth-building system specifically designed with the black community in mind, dfree® delivers access to financial freedom in a 12-step training program via its academy. The platform uses a variety of tools to educate, motivate, and support people who make the choice to achieve and sustain financial freedom. The holiday campaign will focus on various components and partnerships including debt relief (GreenPath) , credit building (MoneyLion), debt reduction goal/tool (Billion Dollar Paydown) with emphasis on these components:

● Reduce debt by Black Friday (minimum: $1,000 per person)

● Abstain from using credit to shop “In the Black” Friday; use cash or debit card — If a credit card is used, pay off by November 30

● Connect with a housing counselor to avoid foreclosure

● Support a black business on “In the Black Friday” and “Small Business Saturday”

● Contribute to a charity that serves Black communities

● Establish and meet a savings goal

● Improve credit score

“Being “in the black” is more than looking great on paper. It’s a state of mind and a way of life — free from debt and equipped with the financial power necessary to fuel the fight for social justice. We are fighting for our lives. We are fighting for our future — the future of our families, the future of our communities, the future of our people.” — DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., Founder & CEO dfree® will also sponsor a Debt-a-Thon on Saturday, November 21, 2020, a culmination of a “live” virtual event for testimonials, celebration, and partner collaboration for reducing Black Consumer Debt for Black

Friday. November 21st event will offer a day of intense, online debt relief activities and services. The event will include motivational messages, testimonies from people that have reduced or eliminated debt, performances, endorsements from influencers, clergy, and celebrities. Debt counselors from GreenPath, a national not-for-profit organizational partner of Prudential and dfree® will also be available to consumers.

The follow-up event to “In the Black Friday” is “I’m Dreaming of A Black Christmas,” which will focus on the need to minimize debt, save and invest the remainder of the year. For more information, visit https://mydfree.org.



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Judith Davis


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