Fashion and Music Merge with Producer and Entrepreneur Jerry Becerra

Judith Davis
3 min readMar 12, 2023
Music Producer Jerry Becerra

As many individuals in the fashion and media industry know, every year in early February in NYC, the international event of New York Fashion Week also known as NYFW happens. It is the place to be for the fashion enthusiast, style icons, upcoming designers, fashionistas, but also a great place for networking in entertainment, music, and media.

During this time, there are multiple shows being held all over the city ranging from independent designers to well-known name brands preparing to display their latest collections. Not only are there fashion shows held by well-known traditional designers, but celebrities from popular television shows have also gotten into the game.

In fact, on Monday, February 13, 2023, the Lisa Nicole Collection held its Spring/Summer 2023 runway fashion show. Among the guests were notable celebrities, reality stars, fashion journalists, social media influencers as well as producers and executives from the music industry.

As the crowd assembled in their seats and patiently waited for the runway show to begin at the Manhattan Rolls Royce showroom, I decided to network a little, and I stumbled upon a very interesting gentleman. We introduced ourselves and I soon discovered that I was speaking to a current powerhouse in the music industry. It made sense that he was in attendance because fashion and music always intersection so perfectly with each fashion season. He introduced himself as Jerry Becerra and I soon discovered that Jerry Becerra is an “international producer”. and while he grew up listening to New York Hip Hop, he stressed that his goal is to discover and nurture new artists in the music industry.

This is important because as we know the music has change so much through the decades. Many major music labels have merged and are fewer while online streaming is what is happening now. With his extensive knowledge, Jerry is focused and putting together his resources and stressed that he wants to make life easier for new artists. This is definitely the sign of a true leader and great entrepreneur, one with true drive and a bit of an altruistic spirit when helping others succeed.

Music while exciting, is only one of Becerra’s passions. He is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur who runs two other successful companies.

In addition, he carries the title of Executive Producer on a yet to be titled song coming out next month with New York next biggest rapper “Nizzle Man” and Colombia’s next big artist “Salomé” from Medellín. Track is being engineered by Ray Ray Scavo, Grammy Winner for working with GhostFace Killa and Kendrick Lamar.

One thing for sure after chatting with him, Becerra is clear as to what the music future is for his business and for any artist he works with. He has accomplished so much in his life, and it truly appears, he is going to be a name that many know and love.



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