Joseph Nyamwange set to host Scholarship Gala on June 6, 2023

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Joseph Nyamwange

Joseph Nyamwange is a name that continues to ring bells within the African-American community and all for the right reasons. The inspiring entrepreneur has truly dedicated his life to making change in the world starting right at home. The New Jersey native learned from an early age that giving back to his community was always the mission after watching his Kenyan born parents take care of others in the same light.

Growing up a young Joseph watched his parents taken in different people from their home village to help them go after their own dreams here in the states. For years he watched his parents take in others who just needed a safe space to help pursue their goals for a better way of life, which truly inspired Joseph in more ways than one. Now of course as a son of professors, education was always the key but little did he know how far their passion for it would ultimately influence him to help the community at large.

His efforts for inner city kids weren’t being heard and with a lot of red tape and pushback, it made it hard for Joseph to really help kids effectively. This was the beginning of what would become the Nyamwange Academy which would help kids through eduction with an after school program but his goal was to do more than just help them with their academics. Joseph wanted to help educate kids on their community with climate change, financial literacy, health and wellness among other things.

This task wasn’t easy but he persevered and ultimately took his program to another level with scholarships to its best students which also gave them the opportunity to attend a once in a lifetime trip to Kenya through Birthrght Afrika. The 12-day transformational trip to Kenya, African American youth and young adults learn about the rich history of Africa. Now this opportunity isn’t available to every student but within time he plans to send more kids as the Nyamwange Foundation continues to grow.

Check out a his YouTube interview here.


Joseph and his wife have already invested over 100,000 to the development of these kids future but with the help of the community so many more kids can benefit from all the great things this academy has to offer. Students from the 8–12th grade in the NJ, Boston & D.C. community all have the chance to be apart of the academy . His 10 year mission for the foundation is to have over 1000 kids in his leadership academy, while sending 60 of those kids to Kenya .

With help from others in the community this could all be possible, which is why this spring he is hosting a special Nyamwange Scholarship Gala in support of the foundation on June 6th. This special event will truly be a game changer for the foundation and if you would like to donate you can visit their site here at for more info. To hear more about the great things Joseph is doing within the community with his foundation, watch his recent interview with Rhina Valentin on OPEN for in depth chat about his journey, the future and more.



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