Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Dr. Angela Reddix Teaches Young Girls Essential Business Skills

Dr. Angela Reddix is the founder, and CEO of ARDX

When you think is powerful women in business, one that needs to come to mind is Angela Reddix. Dr. Angela Reddix is the founder, and CEO of ARDX and a highly sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist.

Reddix created ARDX as an independent healthcare consulting organization, which has emerged as an award-winning, thriving healthcare management and IT consulting firm with multi-million dollar contracts and more than 125 employees.

Inspired by the success of her firm, Dr. Reddix launched a digital book project: “The Reddix Rules: 5 Principles for Becoming a Successful Leader.” The digital book highlights the fundamental principles to her successes, insights on becoming a leader, shaping a corporate culture that builds success, and overcoming life’s obstacles.

Reddix’s brand has an active digital and social media following. She is in the process of releasing her highly anticipated book: Envision Lead Grow: Releasing The Boss Within hitting Amazon and notable book stores across the country, Spring 2020, giving another nod to the successful CEO and Entrepreneur.

On top of her diligent work at the forefront of entrepreneurship, she has created a nonprofit empire that helps create a path for underprivileged teenage girls to follow. Reddix has dedicated herself to her nonprofit called Envision Lead Grow (ELG). The organization focuses on growing an entrepreneur mentality into many middle school-aged young women who spend nine months immersing themselves into the lifestyle Reddix holds close to her heart. Not only is she a boss, but she is simultaneously creating thousands of girl bosses to come.

Reddix also exudes a vibrant media presence. She has shared both her personal and brand story and entrepreneurial journey with digital and print media outlets and recently captured an audience as a TEDx Eustis speaker at the top of the new decade and was recently honored on February 24, 2020, in Washington, DC by Pepsi as a trailblazer.

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