New Documentary Highlights Foreign-Born Creatives & Entrepreneurs Redefining the American Dream

Judith Davis
3 min readApr 5, 2019


Photo Credit: Red Bull Media House

Red Bull recently released Link Miami Rebels, the fourth episode from Season Three of Inspire the Night, a docuseries showcasing the lives and personal stories of the creatives behind the world’s most inclusive and diverse nightlife communities.

In episode four of the series, viewers are taken inside the inspiring world of Link Miami Rebels, a production and DJ collective comprised of immigrants from around the world that have created the nightlife venue in Miami that has gone on to become one of the most beloved and respected electronic music venues in the world.

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Coloma Kaboomsky, Davide Danese and later joined by Lucaz Zaglul, the three operated out of Club Space as well as Trade Nightclub. Their collective goal as Link Miami Rebels was to not only showcase Miami as the mecca within the United States for electronic music, but also represent the city for being the progressive melting pot built by a predominantly immigrant community pursuing the American Dream.

This poignant documentary showcases the determination and tenacity of immigrant and first generation communities and the dedication it takes to believe in your dreams within a city where 51% of the population is from outside the U.S. (the largest of any other U.S. metropolis).

Together with a team of DJs, promoters and industry professionals, Link Miami Rebels challenge stereotypes and overcome personal obstacles to establish an impactful experience for all in an already crowded nightlife space.

For me particularly, the American dream was to, survive.” Coloma states in the episode. “I very much love this country, I love everything it stands for. We are all immigrants. And I’m talking about all Americans.”

Link Miami Rebels’ impact on the community is felt beyond the concerts, afterparties and events they curate. Cuban-American Laura de la Vega, is a perfect example of how the inclusive collective has impacted and shaped her life after having defected to Miami from Cuba in 2008. When Laura and her family first relocated to the US they lived out of their car and spoke no English. Now, an established member of the Link Miami Rebels community and a successful Architect Laura reflects, “I owe everything to this country. I am forever grateful,” “Once I’d found Link Miami Rebels and Club Space, it made me feel that I’d found my community. They show me love and compassion.”

Link Miami Rebels is a very nice journey, into possibilities and what we can offer to ourselves and people around us.” — Coloma Kaboomsky Inspire the Night’s third season exposes the personal stories behind some of the world’s most creative nightlife experiences including, Brazil’s BATEKOO, Brooklyn’s House of Yes and Shanghai’s NÜSHÙ Workshop.

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