On Sunday, February 12, 2023 at City Pointe in Brooklyn the Global Fashion Collective held several runway shows for NYFW2023

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HEEYONGHeE’s collection of women’s wear was powerful to say the least. The collection was sexy and sophisticated with feminine details, yet still capturing a woman’s strength and independence.

Designer Hee-yong Shin of the brand ‘HEEYONGHeE’ is a new fashion designer who made her debut by participating in New York Fashion Week. She was invited to attend NYFW by GFC after she posted her master’s works for the graduate school of Hongik University Fashion Design on her website. As a designer and modelist, she independently conducts most of her experiments on pattern making and fabric development and gets her inspiration mainly from ‘visual phenomena’ and ‘conceptual art.’ ‘Spatialism,’ the first theme of ‘HEEYONGHeE,’ started from the concept of space that influenced minimalism. It is a collection that expresses slash, combination tucking, drilling, and holes.

Nolo showcased a mix of adult and kids’ New York-inspired streetwear with jewel tones, some whites, metallics, prints, and not to forget matching tops and bottoms. Luis Corrales, better known as Manolo, is the emergent head designer of NOLO Mx Brand based in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. With a basis in graphic and interior design, he started his career as a fashion designer in 2017 while in his late twenties after finding fashion design his true passion.

The first appearance of NOLO design in an international fashion event was in July 2018 at INTERMODA, an international fashion showcase in Mexico, and again in 2019. Then came an invitation to present at New York Fashion Week in February of 2020, where NOLO attended its first professional fashion show as an emergent designer presenting its Mexicanolo Collection. NOLO collaborated with the New York Based Sprayground brand in the same week. NOLO’s online store is coming soon.

Lisa Ju’s collection embraces and highlights female curves. Enter a world of fantasy featuring 12 couture art of this upcoming collection that will be shown and titled: “Renceum Réjouissances. “Renceum means sparkling in Sundanese, and Réjouissances means festivities in French. She is combining her background who live in Bandung and her immense passion for French couture designs. This time she infused her ‘back to the root’ Indonesian culture into her artistry when appealing to an international audience. “I’m blessed to be influenced by a lot of different points of view growing up in Indonesia, which has so many different cultures, so many diverse textiles, crafts, arts, and yet a combination of original indigenous tradition and multiple modern foreign influences — that shaped me as a designer,” Lisa said.

Taussy Daniel’s stunning collection of formal evening wear was a mix of wearable art, all statement pieces, and all dresses from shades of seafoam and chartreuse to more traditional colors.

Taússy Daniel was born October 8, 1991, in Maputo, the capital of Moçambique. Taússy Daniel is today a well-known high-fashion brand (Haute Couture).

With her unique design, Taússy Daniel focuses her energy on all women who identify with eclectic style where the silhouette plays a central role.

A brand that emphasizes the feminine body using only selected cutting techniques and the highest grade of materials, making every TAÚSSY DANIEL woman a unique being that is envied, respected, and adored.


User-defined x Maldito delivered an impactful show. The aim of its presentation is social impact to raise questions on gender and sexuality amongst younger generations.

Maldito is a multimedia project inviting a young community to engage with the main character of the eponymous Manga, released in 2022. MALDITO built the project as a totem of queer and camp culture, and we express ourselves through different physical and digital media such as fashion, illustration, porcelain, glassblowing, and NFTs. Through Maldito’s love story, we aim to offer a lifestyle and raise questions on gender and sexuality amongst our young community.


Lione Nagayama graduated from the Apparel Design Department of Bunka Fashion College in Japan. She and her husband Yuki Nagayama, an active beautician, design together as a couple.

For the 2022 Fall/Winter season, they launched the brand “Ambergrim,” which weaves together men’s and women’s essence.

The Amberglam concept is “clothing you want to share. The brand is inspired by clothing that can be shared without regard to gender, age, etc. The brand is actively involved in the UPCYCLE Project, which seeks out discarded fabrics and dead stock and breathes life into new clothing.


Jasive Fernández is Business woman and Mexican designer promoter of timeless fashion. International Director of the Spanish Brand Niza and founder of the Mexican signature Jasive with ready-to-wear collections and custom designs under an elegant and sophisticated concept. Known for developing ethical and sustainable fashion with an international presence.

Global Fashion Collective invited Jasive to show at NYFW after the great success she had at Vancouver Fashion Week last October where she presented: “Reflections” collection inspired by the great women of her family.

Jasive’s collection is full of femininity, strength, presence and empowerment. In each of these pieces, we could appreciate ruffles, lace, silks, volumes and proposals that always dress very contemporary Mexicans in a glamorous way.

The long-awaited fashion show brought together special guests from Mexico to witness the 4th collection of the designer, such as the Mexican consul in New York, Jorge Islas, business people, fashion editors and influencers.

Hengki Kawilarang is a fashion designer who started his career in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a line of feminine, glamorous designs that always make every woman feel like a “diva” in every detail of her design. Full of glamorous elements such as crystals, feathers, and something shiny makes, his design unique.

Hanwei Su, a fashion designer in New York City and a Parsons graduate, presented her FW23 collection for her label during New York Fashion Week in February 2023. SU’s independent life abroad from the time she was 15 years old until the present, her research into the connection between art and the self, and her exposure to western philosophy and education have all helped to shape her unique way of thinking and designing in comparison to her peers who grew up in a traditionally Chinese environment. She saw herself as the result of the clash between her sense of New York and the aspects of China that she felt were true.

She is inspired to keep working because she wants to contribute to society through clothes design and develop a more morally upright fashion business. Her conversations have continuously focused on rights, equality, sustainability, and humanitarian issues, which should be obvious. Instead of only discussing them intellectually, she focuses on practical solutions to environmental and societal problems, such as new systems, design techniques, and material experiments and practices. Her designs have been featured in publications. She has been awarded the Tishman Fund for Excellence in Climate, Environmental Justice, and Sustainability and reached the finals of the IYDC Sustainable Fashion Competition.

Victorian Maiden was a hit with its throwback to the Victorian era. The brand started in Japan in 1999 and is known for its beautiful silhouettes and has a reputation for being not only “Kawaii” but also adding elegant and coquettish elements to complete the fashion aesthetic for adults regardless of age. The brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary and bring the new “Victorian Maiden” to the fashion world. The collection is a more concentrated collection of the world fashion, from “Lolita fashion” to chic and ready-to-wear clothing that can be easily incorporated into daily style, to items with a motif of a person whom a girl adores.

The brand proudly presents the Japanese Victorian style — the world of Victorian Maiden.



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