Pride Celebrated with Tyra Banks, Trixie Mattel, Alex Newell, Eric Cervini and Other Discovery+ Stars at The Tribeca Festival

Discovery+ celebrated Pride at this year’s Tribeca Festival with a conversation with the stars and producers of Generation Drag, Trixie Motel and Book Of Queer. Each of these series are set to premiere this June as part of the service’s Always Proud Hub, a year-round platform that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community by telling authentic and untold stories with audiences around the globe.

The show is produced by Tyra Banks who acts as the Executive Producer, Generation Drag along with Trixie Mattel, star of Trixie Motel.

In addition, the team includes Eric Cervini as Executive Producer, Book of Queer and Alex Newell, Celebrity Narrator, Book of Queer.

The show is hosted by Zach Stafford, MSNBC columnist, journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of The Advocate.

And other special guests will include the Generation Drag teens, Jameson, Noah, Vinny, Bailey and Nabel.



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Judith Davis

Judith Davis


A professional writer, content manager, and web producer who has worked for quite a few high profile brands.