Streaming Service, Philo, Donates $1 Million Dollars In Ad Impression For 20+ Black Owned Businesses And Social Justice Organizations

Judith Davis
3 min readNov 12, 2020

Popular entertainment and lifestyle streaming TV service, Philo, is proud to announce its commitment to support Black-owned businesses and social justice organizations by donating $1M dollars worth of ad impressions in 2020. Diversity, equity and inclusion are critical pillars of Philo as a company, and in light of recent events, Philo has used its platform to showcase organizations and businesses that uplift the Black community.

As a streaming service with more than 60 channels, the businesses and organizations have a prominent platform to showcase their work and gain awareness. The ad campaign is featured on Philo’s platform and inserted on channels like A&E, aspireTV, BET, CLEO TV, Food Network, HGTV, OWN, TV One and many more networks. The ad partners are inserted into the “local insertion” advertisement break. This ad break is traditionally used by cable networks and streaming services for their own ad sales placements, therefore, advertisement inclusion does not add extra commercial time for viewers. Beyond the initial ad commitment, Philo’s team has been working with some of the organizations and businesses to create ads utilizing the streaming service’s in-house design team.

“In light of the recent events, we decided to use our platform as a place for good. We opened up our ad inventory space to provide space for discussions about systemic injustice, raise awareness for social good organizations, and provide Black business owners with an opportunity to promote their businesses free-of-charge. Philo is truly TV for everyone, and we want our ad presence on the platform to be uplifting and include diverse representation.” Reed Barker, Head of Advertising, Philo.

Philo’s partners include:

With this latest commitment, Philo hopes to not only support those already hard at work, but also inspire a new wave of change agents. Philo’s ethos of “TV for Everyone” includes valuing the broader community and recognizing the responsibility to help accelerate progress by actively dissolving systemic inequity across the board. Some of that will be achieved through initiatives that align with Philo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) principles. These include:

  • A partnership with the National Urban League and The Gathering Spot to create a two-part “Power Lunch Series: How To Build Your Brand”
  • Working with programming partners and the Ad Council to air anti-racism PSAs across our platform
  • A commitment to Black-owned content, including the addition of new channel offering, TV One

For more information, check out the Philo website.



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